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Do you also like old cars?

Then you are exactly right here. At Classic Car Apparel every car lover will find something suitable. Whether it's a hoodie, shirt or just a pair of socks, there's something for everyone!

For the environment!

Each product is only produced after the order has been placed and sent to you plastic-free. To top it all off, the entire garment collection is made from certified organic cotton.

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About Classic Car Apparel:

Born in the heart of Styria, Classic Car Apparel is a project born of passion and love for old cars. It's not about a specific brand, but about preserving the cultural heritage of vintage cars and spreading the love for them.

We pay strict attention to sustainable production to protect the planet. All products are printed in Germany without exception and shipped directly to you! The cotton used is also BIO certified.

Due to the local production, the products are shipped within 3-5 days and are at your home shortly afterwards!

Learn more about us and our vision!

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Size information and decision support

To make it easier to decide which product suits you best, I have summarized some important information here:

  • Under each garment there is a size chart for guidance. Please note this to get the right size the first time.


  • All products in the Oversized series are cut a lot larger than normal clothing. I ( 1.68m; 65kg ) wear an XS of the shirts and it still fits very loosely.

  • The products in the Oversized series are also thicker and more finely woven than the others.


  • In terms of size, the products in the Normal Fit series are in the middle of the usual cuts. I ( 1.68m;65kg ) wear an S from the shirts and it fits me well.

  • The products in the Normal Fit series are also not woven as thickly as the Oversized. Nevertheless, the finest organic cotton is used.


The slim fit shirts have a slightly more figure-hugging cut than the others. I ( 1.68 m; 65 kg ) wear an S-M from the shirts and it fits me well.

The sleeves of these shirt models are shorter.

The fabric quality and thickness is equal to the Normal Fit series.


  • The oversize hoodies have a large hood but no ties .

  • The oversize hoodie has a thickness of 380g/sm .

  • I ( 1.68m;65kg ) wear an XS from the oversized hoodies and it fits loosely.

  • The Normal Fit Premium Hoodies also have a large hood and ties with metal ends .

  • The Normal Fit Premium Hoodie has a thickness of 280g/sm .

  • I ( 1.68m;65kg ) wear an S from the premium hoodies and it fits well.

  • The Classic Hoodies have a similar cut to the Premium products, but are slightly more form-fitting .

  • If you prefer longer sleeves on sweaters, you should choose one size larger.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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shipping rates


  • AT €4.95 (FREE from €50)
  • DE €6.95 (FREE from €70)
  • CH €7.95 (FREE from €80)
  • EU €9.95 (FREE from €100)
  • INT €19.95 (FREE from €150)

Additional Information:

  • The indicated prices are flat rates and the same for all products!
  • The shipping costs are only added once per order !
  • All packages are insured , with tracking number , shipped with DHL !

Return Policy

If something does not fit with the product, please contact us immediately at:

Of course, you also have the statutory right of withdrawal of 14 days. You can find more information on this under the following link > Right of withdrawal and form

In the event of a return, please ensure that you have received the packaging and that the goods are returned unworn and clean. If there are defects, it may not be possible to refund the entire purchase price.

The costs for the return are always borne by the buyer. In exceptional cases, there is the possibility of a reversal of the costs incurred.